An Interactive Learning Experience


A short, sharp 20-30 minute PPT presentation modelled after Ted Talks with an optional five minute Q/A.


A moderated discussion on stage featuring 3-5 panelists featuring perspectives from a variety of financial service providers.

Case Study:

A sharp, focused overview of what a particular organization did to tackle a challenge.


20-minute audience discussion following a panel or case study. The session leaders will guide these discussions and gather the group back for report backs.

Collaborative Roundtable:

Peer-led small group, 30 minute discussion with 10-15 participants per table led by the roundtable facilitator.

Working Group:

Facilitated small group working group of about 10-15 participants collaborating to identify 2-3 specific actionable takeaways


A classroom-style, interactive session in which the workshop leader walks the group through how to achieve something with actionable takeaways.

Fire Side Chat:

A 30 minute discussion-style session led by two senior leaders involving audience Q/A.

Town Hall:

An audience generated session where onstage panelists open discussion with high-level remarks before addressing audience submitted questions.