Why HUGHES Chose Our HR Retail Event

HUGHES has been sponsoring cross-industry WBR events to get its solutions in front of the right audiences. We spoke with HUGHES about why they chose to partner with HR Retail again in 2018 - what's now  their 13th event with WBR! 

Mike Tippets
VP, Enterprise Marketing & Organizational Development

The 'New Norm' For The Event Model

"It’s not a tradeshow, it is a conference designed for networking and it’s what I hope will be the norm for industry events going forward"

HR Retail offers a very focused, targeted event that speaks to the top issues in HR. Other events become fragmented because of their 'tradeshow' size.  HR Retail brings together a smaller, niche market with the select people that that we’re interested in meeting.  

WBR has managed the event so that you don’t need thousands of people and dozens of vendor partners to make it successful.  – instead it’s intimate and focused, which means that the exhibitors and attendees get far more value out of it."

HR Retail Accomplishes Key Objectives

"Our first objective is to meet everyone who has come to the conference - to network, and make an acquaintance with every attendee there.  

The second objective is to hear about the top five issues facing the industry today - either by listening in the sessions or networking during the mixers and networking breaks.  

The third objective: we’d like to come away with five opportunities for follow-up meetings -  those that have said their top issues align with our solutions - and would like to have a meeting with us to talk more about their problems and what we can do to help.  

The WBR events we've sponsored were successful in all three objectives.   

Why HUGHES Is Coming Back 

"I’m looking forward to continuing and building on the relationships that we established this year.

Secondly, we’re looking forward to building even more awareness of our company and solutions. We want to show these attendees that we don’t just drop in and drop out, we’re here to work with them, help them, and solve those big issues using the solutions we provide. 

Lastly, I personally like keeping it light for exhibits. We’re not lost in a sea of other solution providers. It helps us achieve 2 of our 3 goals in that exhibit hall alone. 

"WBR does a great job getting decision makers in the room."

Thank you to HUGHES for graciously providing feedback on their experience with HR Retail and other WBR events. With help like this from our customers , we can continue to provide what we hope is the very best event experience to our attendees, sponsors and exhibitors.

If you're interested in sponsoring HR Retail or related WBR events, contact us here.