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HR Financial Services 2019 Innovation Briefing

In this Innovation Briefing, we take you behind the scenes at some of the top financial services companies and show you how they are innovating to build a winning people strategy to not only survive, but thrive in such a dynamic industry.

2018 HR Transformation Report

In our reports and conferences, we pride ourselves on showing our audience a behind the scenes look at some of the most innovative HR initiatives in the financial services industry. As an HR leader in the financial services space, it is more critical than ever to stay updated on how new strategies and technologies are deployed to keep apace changing consumer needs and stayabreast of hiring, engagement, and learning trends. Financial Service HR heads are feeling immense pressure of competing in a “candidate’s” market with a changing workforce demographic. As such, HR executives are having a difficult time staffing across the ranks of the organization, competing with other industries for workers, and retaining high performers. In this brief report, we give a snapshot of how several financial institutions are embracing growing pains, prioritizing organizational culture, and leveraging technology to move their organizations and their people forward.

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