HR Financial Services 2022 Blog

Here's How BECU Is Developing Talent and Supporting Communities

The BECU Foundation was set up to help the finance brand reach out and dedicate itself to worthy causes. This year, the foundation invited students to apply for a special scholarship program, designed to help our young citizens get the education and training they need to develop their careers in the finance industry.

AIG Is Laying Out Life Lessons for the Future of Its Workforce

Nobody ever taught us how to act within the workforce, or how to get the most out of a team you might end up leading. It's this which AIG wanted to address with seven solid lessons on how to run and operate within a successful team.

Ally Financial Is Boosting Talent Diversity Through Entrepreneurial Support

Many financial brands are putting new initiatives in place to encourage diversity in their talent pools. Ally Financial is one such company and has partnered with some big names to encourage and support entrepreneurial black college and university students.

Inclusiveness Is Top of the Agenda for TD Bank

inclusivity should never be seen as a box-ticking or quota-filling exercise. Companies which see inclusivity in this way are only really interested in the outward appearance of inclusivity and how it makes the brand look to the rest of the world.

JP Morgan Chase Is Creating Opportunities for Students and the Differently Abled

Not content with changing the way it recruits potential new talent from colleges and universities, JP Morgan Chase & Co is also creating new opportunities for the differently abled.

5 Key Challenges Facing Financial Services HR and Recruitment

It is increasingly hard for financial institutions to hire the innovative and well-trained talent they need to complete their digital transformation, combat security issues, deal with increased regulations, and conduct effective big data management. Let's take a look at five of the key challenges facing financial service HR and recruitment right now.

The Impact of Automation on the Workforce

The rise of the robots is threatening workforces in practically all industries, and the financial services industry is no exception. Many of today's financial services professionals will need considerable upskilling - even those in a non-tech role - if they are to be able to work more effectively in a digital-first environment.

Why Investing in Assessment Tools and Technology Is Critical for HR Strategies

HR in financial services is quickly learning that it needs to be more strategic in developing talent for the future. How do we go about competing for top talent with more industries than ever before? How do we change our culture to meet the needs of a younger workforce?

What Can Financial Institutions Do to Attract and Retain Top Talent in the Digital Era?

As financial institutions undergo their own digital transformations, they need to be attracting employees with the skills to effectively apply new technologies and digital services as they are developed. So - what can be done to attract the right people with the right skills and retain them for the long term?

Why Learning and Development Initiatives Could Be Key to Bridging the Digital Talent Gap

If employers and HR directors at financial organizations are to prevent a talent exodus, they must embrace career and professional development initiatives to ensure employees feel like they are valued by the organization and to prevent future gaps appearing in the workforce.