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We bring together HR strategists from the whole spectrum of financial services to learn, network, and benchmark best practices to stay relevant with the rapid transformations in the financial services industry. HR Financial Services will provide the latest tactics to transform your recruitment, employee engagement, and people development strategies.

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Meeting the Decision Makers

The financial services and banking landscape is constantly changing and the HR community is hungry for the solutions that will keep them ahead of the curve. Our sponsorship packages come in all shapes and sizes. With limited vendor participation, HR Financial Services makes it easy for you to get business done. It won't feel like a stuffy tradeshow, because it isn't one

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A Community of HR Financial Services Professionals

With tons of curated interactive sessions every day, you’ll get unrivalled networking unlike any other event. You’ll come as an attendee, and leave as part of a community.

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A Gorgeous Location

We're located in beautiful San Diego. Surrounded by modern architecture, spas and world class golf courses, HR Financial Services is held at the Rancho Bernardo Inn.

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